Studio Regeringsgatan

Studio large 7m x 6m Offer
Studio Small 4m X 4m Offer

Lounge with coffee and cakes and drinks, Catering on request. Coworking station with WIFI.

Included in studio rental.

TV Crew:

  • 1 Visionmixer
  • 1 Streaming technician
  • 1 Light and soundtechnichian
  • 1 production Scripta

Production time is 9 hour included lunch

Overtime after 9 hours with  700:- per hour per crew team.

TV Equipment in studios 

  • 3  Remote cameras
  • 1 camera with dolly
  • 10  Led lamps
  • 6 Sound sennheiser headmikes
  • 3 Intercom Clearcom
  • 2  TV led for background with content
  • 2 TV led for program and powerpoint
  • 1 Vmix streaming computer
  • 2 st Skype and zoom computers for digital meeting.
  • 1 Blackmagic studio mixer
  • 1 Blackmagic mini submimixer
  • 1 Monitor referens
  • 1 Monitor for multiview
  • 1 Soundmixer
  • Décor Curtains on the wall, Grey , Black , greenscreen
  • TV studio table for standing position
  • Sofa group for sitting position

Not included in studio rental

Editor and editing computer 8000:-/day
Cameraman 6500:-/day
Producer for content 8000:-/day
Studioman 5000:-/day
Grafic designer 8000:-/day
Studio hostess 4500:-/ day
Behind the scene film for social media 6000:-

Flexible working hours

We always have customer that will be satisfied, we always try solve everything for you.’

We can always make a great price for you, and we will get you a good production value.

We have all studios with equipment and crew as you need for your production.

If you need any special equipment or décor we can fix it for you.